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“ I am writing on behalf of my entire workplace. On behalf of teachers, Our Director and wardens of the Hostel. 2 years ago before the Secular Ethics Education program was introduced, we still had some sort of ethical education imparted to students but because our students belong to different faiths and quite a few are non-believers, we were always perplexed as to what we should say and which ethics is much more important than the other. Ethical education is another priority we could not ignore for the sole reason that the children in this educational institute come from slum communities. These communities are disturbed and prone to petty as well as heinous crimes, because of lack of education, healthcare and so many other factors violence, theft, drug abuse is quite prevalent. So for these children ethical education is all the more important. They have also been subject to various atrocities at home which is part and parcel of their upbringing and environment. But these children have come a long way which gives me immense pleasure.

Beginning with small children, who usually resolved conflict by violence and hurdled abuse at each other. The teenagers who were angry, aggressive and disobedient at times. All this took a very different turn with the introduction of Secular Ethics Program. I believe another reason for such a success is because Secular Ethics concept and curriculum is thoroughly researched and the implementation is very smooth. Beginning from Personal to social and finally to systems. Even the medium of instruction is three-fold, beginning from received knowledge to critical insight which leads to embodies understanding. This combined with many other activities gradually brought about a change in the attitude of children. Secular Ethics pertains not just to ethics but so much more to the personal and communal well being of every individual. That is why children are able to be more mindful, kind, compassionate, regulate their emotions-know harmful and constructive dimensions of emotions, make better decisions and have greater empathy towards others. I cannot pinpoint any one thing but in my and other teacher’s opinion I think everything combined led to such a great transformation. The children are better focussed, there is negligible conflict and they are more aware of their actions and the consequences. They know themselves better and this in my opinion is the first step to change and transform yourself to become a better individual. Which is the prime focus of our educational institute.

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