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Spiti Valley - A Follow Up visit with Refreshers training

20th June to 27th June  2022


Due to the pandemic, some of the schools could not start the UEE curriculum in the last academic session. Therefore, they have recently started teaching the curriculum and have shared their plan to actively teach UEE twice a week this year.  We could see few schools have already made their Time table including UEE classes twice a week and we have suggested other schools to do the same. In some schools it was observed that the teachers have made great efforts in helping the students overcome and cope with the loss of learning due to the pandemic.

The Refresher workshop was conducted on 25th June 2022 with the Cluster Head Teachers and Resource Persons in the presence of Block Elementary Education Officer –(BEEO)  Mr. Chhering Chhopel. This was the first refresher training post pandemic of the current academic session. First facilitator s training workshop was organized in Kaza in July 2021, where all concepts of  UEE were covered in detail of the total 23 CHTs and RPs, 19 CHTs and RPs from different clusters attended  the refresher training workshop. 

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