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Secular Ethics Yatra

‘Yatra’ is a Hindi word that means ‘ Journey’ in English. It is a form of outreach program run by the Marketing Social Values team of Tong-Len. Having studied and practised Secular Ethics for more than 2 years, the youth themselves started to witness the benefits of it in their real lives. This combined with various sessions to identify social evils prevalent, in the society led these ambitious young people to do something about it. Making a contribution in their own way, they are also motivated by teachings they received in Empathic concern. Empathic concern is another value that lets you witness the suffering of others as your own and motivates you deeply to work on helping to alleviate that suffering. With such a foundation, the team have to share the benefits of Secular Ethics with as many as they can. Beginning with a need-based assessment survey, the team ventured out and began with their own schools and now the outreach program has spread awareness about Secular Ethics and the importance of Ethics in Education to more than 16 K people. This outreach is supplemented with the campaign of Google Adwords, Social media Portals and is ever expanding.

The results of this innovative project have been presented to His Holiness, Scientists and Educators in the recent Mind and Life conference held in Dharmshala. Many social and government organisations, schools and colleges have also extended their encouragement and help in this endeavour. With time along with more youth joining the outreach team, we are sure to make a tiny difference in the personal and social life of our community and nation.

Please write to us if you need more information about the program design and details of Secular Ethics Yatra.

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