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Secular Ethics in education

“Education is like an instrument. Whether that instrument, that device, is used properly or constructively or in a different way depends on the user……education and a warm heart, a compassionate heart-if you combine these two, then your education, your knowledge, will be constructive”- HH The Dalai Lama

The biggest resource of any nation and community is its youth and children. His Holiness and other such global visionaries have always emphasised that children constitute humanity’s most precious resource. They also have a natural enthusiasm for justice and peace, and they tend to be much more open and flexible of mind and adults. Given that their moral outlook is largely shaped by their upbringing, it is essential we regulate them responsibly. We can pave a path that encourages them to not shun away their natural inclination towards kindness and justice but rather hone it to be change makers. The foundation of a much happier world.

The 21st century focuses a great deal on materialistic success, through that we are able to create only a materialistically successful society which is crippled by social and personal evils. We are confronted with the realities of depressed and unhappy children, anger and self-harm are prevalent, gun violence, bullying, rape, murder, extortion, war, intolerance and division, economic inequality, discrimination, threats to the environment surround us. It is quite sad to see that young minds are getting involved in such evils or are helplessly drawn towards them. Stringent laws are one solution but another long term, sustainable solution is to bring a shift in mindsets and start early to create a more compassionate and kind world. This will automatically shape the leaders and policies of tomorrow and we will be able to experience lasting peace and happiness in the times we live in. Let us start with children, let us start with educating the mind as well as the heart.

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