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Secular Ethics in Community Awareness Project

Reality compels us to tackle our problems at the level of society at the same time as that of the individual. The world will change when each individual makes the attempt to counter their negative thoughts and emotions and when we practice compassion for its inhabitants irrespective of whether or not we have direct relationship with them. There are a number of areas to which we need to give special consideration in the light of universal responsibility. These include education, the media, our environment, politics and economics, peace and disarmament and interreligious harmony. Each has a vital role to play in shaping the world we live in. When young minds are exposed to such a possibility, it automatically leads them to take steps in making a contribution in their own creative ways.

As for now, we wish to share with you another project undertaken by the Marketing Social Values team which gives them a platform to spread awareness about Secular Ethics and also to express themselves creatively. The team has painted Public panels across their town and are willing to extend it to many more miles. The process of seeking permissions, sitting down to think of a theme, to express it artistically, to decide the length, breadth, colour and font and the step to actually paint these panels so that public, tourists and everyone can read and benefit from them is a fulfilling experience in its own way.


The marketing social values invites your suggestions, ideas and insights for this creative endeavour. Contact us to see and know more about all the public promotions we have done so far! We also invite you to be part of our team or to be begin such a program in your own space, community, city.

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