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Tong-Len and Secular Ethics

The work of the Tong-Len Charitable Trust commenced with the express aim to save children from starvation and death. Early in this work the question of cause was raised. Questions such as what causes this despair?How long can we keep up our aim to feed all these families? How can these people escape these miserable conditions?

After almost two years of deep thought and carefully analysing the painful condition of the  slum people realistic solutions came forward.


S.E in Tong-Len School

Within the Tong-Len School we not only educate the children in academics, we also follow the philosophy of developing the children as a good human being or a moral individual through the teaching of Secular Ethics in Education and now through SEE Learning. The Secular Ethics in Education is being taught in Tong-Len in 3 groups:

  1. The tertiary Students

  2. The middle and high school students

  3. The primary students


S.E with social engagement

The Secular Ethics Outreach Program  has been a wonderful experience for both the staff and children of Tong-Len, as they have moved to take their experiences from hostel life into the community. Many activities have been organised over the past two years with better than expected interest from other schools and community groups.


Schools projects

There are many project that the children develop by learning from the Secular Ethics or the SEE Learning curriculum. Some of the projects are of 3 months projects and some are one month but despite the differences in the duration of the projects the students get to learn more than they learn by books. The projects may be successful or not but at the end there is always something to take away or learn from the failure or the success of the project.


Hostel and staff of Tong-Len practicing

Secular ethics is a concept which doesn't discriminate any religion or belief and it tends to find the common ground for all. So just like that it is a concept which can be learned by all. Tong-Len not only inculcates its students about the concept of Secular ethics, we also include our teachers and staff also in the learning session. 

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