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 The Phayul Newspaper 

There is nothing amazing about being educated; there is nothing amazing about being rich. Only when the individual has a warm heart do these become worthwhile. 

        ~ H.H Dalai Lama

We have achieved substantial progress in the field of higher education in producing a large number educated people: leaders, experts, professionals, etc. But has the quality of the things around us like leadership,public. service, neighbourhood security, law and order improved proportionately?


The Central Tibetan Administration 

   Education Department Holds Talk Series on Secular Ethics: Geshe Yeshe Gyaltsen, lecturer on Secular Ethics of the Bangalore-based Dalai Lama Institute for Higher Education gave a twin talk series on Secular Ethics at Tibetan college students gathering in Bangalore and Mangalore on 21 and 23 Sept.

The talk series were organized by the Department of Education, CTA for the Tibetan college and university students of the two cities. Under the guidance of His  Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Department of Education is committed to educate the hearts of young Tibetan students in schools, colleges and   universities.

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