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Hostel and staff of Tong-Len Practicing

Secular ethics is a concept which doesn't discriminate any religion or belief and it tends to find the common ground for all. So just like that it is a concept which can be learned by all. Tong-Len not only inculcates its students about the concept of Secular ethics, we also include our teachers and staff also in the learning session. Some of the projects that we have with teachers and staff are as follows:

1. SEE learning workshops

The staffs and students are given opportunity to attend different workshops on SEE Learning which will be later help them to deliver it to the students as well as they can embody it in their daily life. As very few of the staff get the opportunity to attend the SEE Learning workshops, the staff who got the opportunity are given the chance to share what they have learned during those workshops. This strategy proved to be useful not only for the ones who didn’t got chance but also for the attendee, as it polishes their knowledge and while discussing with their co-workers, it gives them a chance to explore it from different perspectives and it widens their scope of thinking.

2. SEE Online course

​As Tong-Len believe in spreading more awareness about the Secular Ethics philosophy and the SEE Learning curriculum being a part of that greater vision, we are preparing our teachers as well as students to be a facilitator so that they can be useful when we lack hands in support when spreading awareness to a large number of people. The teachers taking the SEE 101 course and we are building up a team who can be helpful not only in academically level but also in the holistic level as well.

3. Yearly staff and senior student discussion workshop

​Twice in a year, a discussion or a workshop is conducted by the S.E team, which is organized to fulfill the purpose of brushing up the knowledge on Secular Ethic so far and for deeper understanding putting up questions and doubts on the same topic and discussing it with all the participants so that all the perspective could be collected and compare and contrast all those different perspective, so that we can clear all doubts without leaving any sides or perspective (it gives them a chance to explore it from different perspectives and it widens their scope of thinking.).

4. Ayur Gyan Nyas workshop

​Every year, the Ayur Gyan Nyas team visits Tong-Len and inculcate the teachers on how to deliver the lessons and they also take help of critical thinking. They provide curriculum tool and teach based support to the teacher to help them understand the concepts in the curriculum bette. they make the teachers capable to have different ideas through which the teachers can deliver the concepts to their students in the classroom setting.

5. Senior students class on holidays

​The secular ethics was first started to teach to the senior kids who were than the smaller kids and as they are and got enrolled into other schools those children hardly get any time to learn on the secular ethics and its concepts. So, when they have holidays from school, the secular ethics department organizes special classes for them and topics which they have not covered so far are covered and revisions are alone for the concepts that are learned so far. The concepts are taught through different means such as ppt, video and play based methods, so that the children won’t feel burdened as learning a new subject.

6. Hostel students morning inculcating/discussion on dilemma sessions

Though the children in the hostels are taught secular ethics/ SEE learning in the classroom, but as the class timing is only 35 min and that time seems so short, ven. Jamyang la/ Tong-Len director, takes a 1 hour special class on secular ethics on mornings and evening after breakfast and dinner.

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