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The Tribute project: Environment conservation and helping people in need

July- August

In the mist of this COVID19 pandemic, many people have lost their job and many more are on the verge of losing their livelihood. Among the sufferers, it has been the poor and the marginalized section of the society who have suffered the most. Many of them have not been able to manage a decent meal a day.

So, as a tribute to His Holiness the Dalai Lama for his undying love and compassion for all the sentient beings, the Secular Ethics Department of Tong-Len Charitable Trust, based in Sarah launched the project of environmental cleaning as a part of H.H the Dalai Lama’s 85th birthday celebration. This project is a one year project, 6th July 2020 to 6th July 2021.

The project creates work for the slum people of Chetru or the poor people, they are given work of cleaning the areas from Maan tea estate to Tong-Len school and they are paid on daily basis as daily wage. The main work they do is collect wastes from those areas and separate reusable waste and non-degradable waste (wrappers, glass bottle) and helps in keeping the environment clean and green. The children of Tong-Len installed boards and dustbin around the area specified above.

The project was launched solely to help the poor and the needy of Sarah area to help them lead a sustainable life as the project aim to help them lead a sustainable life as the project is aimed at creating job opportunities for such people. It’s hoped that project will go  a long way in removing the financial strain caused by the ongoing pandemic.

Recent Events

A Tribute to His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama on his 85th Birthday

6th July 2020


As a tribute to His Holiness the Dalai Lama on his 85th birthday, the secular ethics department of Tong-Len charitable Trust organised some activities to empower being kind with environment and helping the people in need by providing food. The activities were linked to the basic human values of helping others or being kind towards environment as well as people in need and these 2 activities are taken from 2 of the 5 dimensions from our kindness project.

We would like to wish you a very happy 85th birthday and may you live as long as almost 113 years as the prophecy or longer if possible and be able to fulfil all your commitments.

A total of 85 plants (13 trees and 72 flowers) were planted as a representation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama turning towards his 85th Birthday. The plants were planted inside Tong-Len campus. It was followed by a lunch in the slum community of Chetru, where almost 250 to 350 people were fed. The event was successful as it fulfilled the activities goal, sending out a message of importance of environment conservation and helping the needy or the message of kindness.



1st and 2nd February 2020

The Secular Ethics Department of Tong-Len participated in the 2 days conference on 'Universal Ethics for the 21st century: Towards a common Understanding'.

Ven.Jamyang la presented a paper on the 'Common Humanity: The key to develop a kind, compassionate and  peaceful society', relating the topic to the work of secular ethics department of the Tong-Len Charitable trust.

The Conference was very well organised, both logistically and in terms of its contents (reports, panels, etc.) The panelist were all renowned social scientists, activists, social entrepreneurs, educators from different parts of India. It was a very knowledgeable experience for all.



December 7, 2019

Ven. Jamyang la, accompanied by Mr. Tsering Tenzin la and 2 Secular Ethics team members gave a talk on the concept of Secular Ethics to the students of Upper T.C.V School. Around 700 children, from class 6th to 12th standard participated in this Talk along with their respective teachers. 

The talk covered the philosophy's introduction to the world by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the reason for introducing the philosophy and how this philosophy will be beneficial to create a peaceful and harmonious society. The students from the Secular Ethics team shared how the philosophy proved to be helpful for them in their day to day life and how it brought a positive change in their life as well.

The talk also had a question answer session where the students doubts were cleared, but due to lack of time only a few got chance. The talk ended well with thank you scarf ceremony.

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