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Kindness Project


​​Secular Ethics on TEDx's Plateform


NOVEMBER 13, 2019

@ Dharamsala


'Happy World Kindness day' to you all.

The secular ethics team of Tong-len Charitable Trust organized an event on the World Kindness Day, which was a success.

Thousands of children's from different schools around the Dharamshala area were awared (spread awareness) about kindness in their respective school during their morning assembly. After that a kindness march/walk was flagged off from Gandhi chowk to upper police ground, participated by students from different schools around Dharamshala.
The event further continued with drawing and collage competition with the theme on kindness.

Let us all cultivate the seed of kindness which we all possess but are not aware of it.  

 October 2018:


The Tong-Len secular ethics team launched a Kindness project at Dharamshala. The project was initiated by the children of Tong-Len with the support of the staff. The main objective of the project is to cultivate more kindness within society and to promote Dharamshala as a kind city. The project has one simple, but powerful, message - Be Kind.  Tong-Len children are learning how they can create kindness  in their classrooms and in their community. We should all think about how we can be kind to the environment, nature, animals, with your body, and with others.


There are always opportunities practice kindness with everything. 

Where did humanity go?

Mridul Surbhi had a talk at TEDx  on 13th of January at Dharamshala Auditorium. The soul of her talk was about how scientific research proves that human beings are born kind and compassionate.The world faces so much polarisation, violence, discrimination on basis of gender, race and religion. What is the solution to all this? She thinks that Secular Ethics might work as one of the solutions because secular ethics stands to unite people, it respects all religion and cultures but it is not necessarily grounded in any particular religion, what it is grounded in are humanistic inner values. values such as kindness, compassion, empathy, emotional awareness, forgiveness. Values that are not luxury but our absolute necessity.The three things that form secular ethics are common sense, common experience and scientific basis and the backbone of Secular Ethics are equally important and appealing concepts namely Interdependence and Common Humanity.Both of them help us to concentrate on bringing humanity together and focus on our shared aspirations rather than divisions.With these two as the basis of Secular Ethics, it is easier for each one of us to relate to one another and realise oneness of humanity, which is the ultimate goal of Secular Ethics.

She ended the ted talk by citing ways in which adults can contribute in creating a better world.

  • Work towards bringing value based education and focus equally on academic as well as ethical excellence in the younger generation.

  • Leading by example, inculcating humanistic values and practicing them so that the younger generation is able to imbibe them.

  • To build your own capacity by education, research and empowering yourself by taking help of both online and offline resources such as books, articles, scientific research publications.

 We all wish to see a world of unity, peace and harmony. and if you wish for it too, then you will do something about it!

World Kindness Day


15th Anniversary of Tong-Len

13th November 2018: 


To celebrate World Kindness Day on 13th of November, our secular ethics project team distributed thousands of pamphlets, banners, stickers and kindness flags in Dharamshala and McLeod Ganj. The aim was to promote kindness to the people and to cultivate Dharamshala as a kind city.  The messages of kindness were spread around each and every corner of Dharamshala with one simple aim - to encourage everyone to be kind. Many volunteers helped to design and distribute the messages.

 This celebration is part of the kindness project.

On the 15 success years of Tong-Len, Children decided to initiate a kind act. As the children are very much aware of  kindness and got benefited by someone's kind act, the tertiary children of Tong-Len went to celebrate the 15th anniversary with the slum children of Chetru.

They cleaned the surroundings, bathed the small children, cut their nails and shared a good meal with them. The slum children enjoyed the meal.

This is how the children of Tong-Len celebrated the 15 success years of their new life.


Secular Ethics

Screenshot 2019-02-12 at 11.55.41 AM.png

4th February 2019

Deviating from their usual curriculum, a total of 350 students and some Respected teachers of HIM Academy took part in the pre-arranged event; ‘Secular Ethics inculcating yatra’ last Monday February 4 th . Chairman of HIM Academy Prof.R.C Lakhanpal graced the event. Nisha, Karan and Deepak were the featured Speaker who took stage along with the other

speakers. The session was an interactive and an inclusive one and the students interacted freely with the speakers on the concept of Kindness and Emotional Awareness which was presented to them through the means of power point

presentations, and role-play to make them understand it in a better way.

The session was a great success where the students enriched themselves with the thoughts of the speakers. Needless to say that the workshop struck a deep cord with the organizers and the speakers.