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H.H the Dalai Lama identified, through years of research and dialogue with all faiths and non-believers, that ethics are fundamentally important to all. He has a vision is to create a harmonious, peaceful and joyful global society.
This is possible through Secular Ethics in Education.

“More important than religion is our elemental human spirituality. It is the predisposition to love, kindness, and affection that we all possess, regardless of the religion we profess. In my point of view, people can live without religion, but they can not live without values, without ethics.”

Recent Events


Meeting with Honorable Education Minister of Himachal Pradesh regarding 'The Need of Ethics in Modern Education'

Follow up on "A Step towards Dalai Lama's Green Vision "

Follow up on Curriculum in Spiti

May 15th 2023

A talk on ’Need for Universal Ethics in the Modern Education’ was organised by Tong-Len Secular Ethics Department and AyurGyan Nyas.

H.E Prof. Samdhong Rinpoche enlightened the audience of principals and headmasters of Govt. Schools around Shimla on the topic and the audience also enthusiastically listened and shared their doubts during the Q&A session. Our chief guest Honorable Education Minister Sh. Rohit Thakur ji shared his views on the topic and acknowledged the initiative taken by both the organisers and agreed to support the initiative. Overall the talk went very well and we hope that the enthusiastic students, principals and the headmasters were able to take back some knowledge on the topic.

April 11th 2023

Yet again we received a great opportunity to present the humble vision of H.H The 14th Dalai Lama on 'The need of Ethics in Modern Education' to the Honourable Education Minister of Himachal Pradesh government, Shri Rohit Thakur ji, thanks to Shri Gyan Sagar Negi ji, Joint Secretary to Chief Minister, Himachal Pradesh, Shimla, Executive Director, HIMUDA, Shimla, additional charge of the post of Managing Director, HIMFED, Shimla.

Aril 3rd - April 10th 2023


Day 1 - Planting Changma trees in Hansa Village (Spiti) as a continuation of last year April 2022's plantation project of 1000 trees in  Key Gompa.

Day 2 - Planting Changma trees in • Hull Village (Spiti) as a continuation of last year April 2022's plantation project of 1000 trees in ° Key Gompa.

Day 3 - Our sincerest thanks to Kaza Pradhan, Mrs.Sonam Dolma la for graciously sharing the stage during the Gram Sabha. Aims and objectives of a project is very important and we are fortunate to receive a stage to share with the people thanks to Kaza Pradhan ji and Spiti Civil Society's founder Mr. Sonam Targay ji.

A pair of Gyalchang plant was distributed to every attendee and we are thankful to everyone who took a step ahead and lend their hand in taking H.H the 14th Dalai Lama's vision forward.

Our heartfelt thanks to the villager and the volunteers who lend their hand in taking H.H the Dalai Lama's vision forward.

6th sept 2022- 16th sept 2022


Ethics in education is very important and very much needed in the Modern education system. But only starting the curriculum as a subject is not enough, it needs to be taught so that they can implement it in their daily life and bring about a positive outcome in themselves. Thus the initiative needs follow up. Secular ethics team coordinated a follow up visit in schools and cluster to boost the morale of the children and the teachers for a positive change. Also conducted a meeting with the CHT’s of respective clusters of Spiti region to check on their difficulties from the curriculum and delivering it to children, so as to find a solution together with their own creativities.

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